Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Changes Everything. You Can Help.

I have a button that says “art changes everything”.

And on September 22, the archbishop sent Catholics in the Twin Cities a DVD warning that the sky will fall if Minnesota legalizes same-sex civil marriage. 

I want to create a beautiful piece of art using the free art materials being sent out by the archbishop: in other words, to transform the DVDs of fear into art of hope. I need as many DVDs as I can collect.

When you receive the archbishop's DVD please resist the temptation to send it back, burn it, or use it as a Frisbee. Save it for me!

Collect them from all your friends and fellow parishioners. The more dvds, the larger the piece of art, and the bigger the statement the art makes: that being Catholic really is about love and inclusion. I want to make a BIG sculpture!

Please spread the word among your friends, family, anyone who might be interested. I need volunteers to help collect the DVDs.

Would you be willing to collect DVDs from fellow parishioners or other Catholics you know who get the mailing? Or stand with boxes near your church (on the public sidewalks or streets) before/after mass to collect the DVDs (this Sunday and/or next Sunday, depending on when the mailing arrives in your zip code)? I will be arranging pick-ups from people who collect them.

If you are non-Catholic and belong to an "open and affirming" church, would your church be willing to act as a drop off site? Or do you have a business that might be helped by new people dropping by? Please contact me if you can help with providing a drop off point for the DVDs.

In addition, I will post a location where people can drop off or mail DVDs.

More details will come as things develop. In the meantime, please share the link to this blog with anyone you think might find it of interest, and join our "DVD to ART" group on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=129383097110848&ref=mf

For this to work, people need to hear about it first---so, again, please, spread the word---go viral, go ART!

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