Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Few Thoughts From DVD Donors

Some of the DVDs collected by DVD to ART and have come with heartfelt and thoughtful notes.  I'd like to share a few with you here:

One envelope was covered in notes of different handwriting in colored markers; each family member had written something on the envelope:

"Jesus taught tolerance".
"Please focus your energy on helping. Spread love and not hate. Embrace."
"They're not hurting anyone.  What is love?"
"My best friend is a gay Catholic. Doesn't the word "catholic" mean universal and inclusive?"
"There is so much to do now! Why are you spending so much time spreading hatred."
"Heschel: "The opposite of good is not evil, the opposite of good is indifference."

Other DVDs had small letters tucked inside them:
"Thank you for taking these DVDs.  My husband does not believe in gay marriage and I am undecided. However, we feel the Catholic Church has over stepped their boundaries in mailing the DVDs and even creating them. It is not the Church's place to force their "rules" on the flock, their purpose should be to guide us and lead us but let us make our own decisions."

"Thank you so very much for turning something so hateful into something beautiful. When we received our DVD, my partner and I watched it... mostly out of curiosity. When the video was finished we were stunned and very sad.  It's difficult to listen to a leader in our church say such terrible things when the church where I visit is so far from hateful. I am saddened for all my GLBT family that are self damning and not able to see beyond those words of hate and be part of the church--as is--and feel Christ's ever present love and acceptance."

"Thank you! I was so angry when I got these DVD's in the mail all I wanted to do was shred them.  Shame on the catholic church and the knights of columbus!! Please give my DVD's to the artist so that she can make something beautiful out of this ugly, ugly propaganda the catholic church feels it needed to spread with this DVD!!!!"

Lot of DVDs had one-liners:
"Thank you for giving me a positive way to express my anger!"
"What a sad waste of money * Turn me into Art!"

The envelope that caught at my heart arrived completely anonymous. Tucked into the case with the DVD were 4 small photos of a young boy--at different ages-- posing in his hockey gear.  I don't know the story that prompted these photos to be sent with this DVD, but I can guess... and offer my prayers.

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