Sunday, October 3, 2010

What can $1,000,000 do?

It has been widely speculated that the archbishop's DVD cost $1, 000, 000 to make and send---yes, one million dollars!

When we were collecting DVDs at the Basilica this Sunday (tally to follow soon) a thirteen year old named Annika, approached us with handouts she had made titled "What can $1,000, 000 do".

The following is an exact quote of Annika's handout and what  her brilliant research uncovered:

It can feed 2,325,581 people with a cheese sandwich.
It could house 185 people for a year in a one bedroom apartment.
It could buy 800,000 bus passes.
It could heat the Basilica of St. Mary for 8 years.
It could change peoples lives.
But 1 anonymous donor decided to donate $1,000,000 to send 400,000 DVD's across Minnesota to deny the right of gay marriage.
What do you think this is right?

Now here's someone who truly understands the Christian message!


momo said...

That is so wonderful! thanks for sharing Annika's message. I hope lots of people at the Basilica got a copy. I hope you got many other messages of support.

CTK said...

Thankfully we still have the freedom in this country to spend our personal resources as we see fit. Apparently, this undisclosed donor chose to exercise his/her right in contributing to the DVD project.

No Church funds were used in this project according to the Archdiocese. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't spend all those tax dollars funding Planned Parenthood? Imagine what all those millions coud do!

DVD to ART said...

I'm not opposing the donor spending their money as they see fit. But hiding behind an anonymous donor is a thin smoke screen to avoid responsibility. A more pastoral bishop wouldn't have accepted a donation for a divisive project to be done in his name, much less actively and enthusiastically been a part of it.

Anonymous said...

The "donor" is actually the Knights of Columbus.

I can't believe there is even a Knights hat behind the Archbishop while he gives his talk on the DVD!

Firebird said...

To all cafeteria catholics: Its obvious you need to brush up on basic bible versus and Church history if you have a problem with what the Archbishop has done. I have no doubt most of you would fail a basic quiz about the bible and Church.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering why you were pitting the bible against Church history... until I realized you must mean "bible verses"... not "bible versus".

And you were saying...