Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me, Robin Hood, and the Washington Post!!!

When I was three my TV heros were Roy Rogers and Robin Hood. I played Robin Hood all the while I was growing up--I had the hat, the bow & the (rubber tipped) arrows.

So imagine my delight upon reading the article "Of bully pulpits and bully bishops" in the Washington Post. Author Anthony Stevens-Arroyo makes the comparison between our Minnesota archdiocese and Sherwood Forest.

While no one's comparing me to Robin Hood, I'd happily sign on to be one of his "merry band".

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Fresca said...

I have started casting the new version of the Robin Hood movie the Wash Post journalist suggests. (Quite right!)
Jeff Bridges as Friar Tuck.
Judy Davis (or Cate Blanchett) as an older, darker, female Will Scarlet, Robin Hood's dashing side-kick.

The sheriff has to be Alan Rickman reprising his role from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
And I suggest we resurrect Charles Laughton for the archbp.
(Pix on my blog.)