Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter from a BOLD Priest

I've never met, but have long admired, Fr. Michael Tegeder, for his willingness to take a public stand. Below is a letter he sent to the Mpls. Star Tribune, which they chose not to publish.

To the editor,

Regarding the Minnesota Catholic bishops DVD campaign, they might listen to one higher in the pecking order. The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schoenborn, main author of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and  friend of the Pope, recently publicly stated that the Church needs to look differently at committed same sex relationships. Obviously, to raise such questions in the media let alone in an artwork is not to "lobby" against the teachings of the church as the Archbishop's spokesman awkwardly opined.

Rev. Michael Tegeder, pastor

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Fresca said...

It's rarely the clergy who make me proud to be Catholic, but once in a while one truly does model Christ.
And here we have two!
Thank you Christoph Schoenborn and Michael Tegeder.

And thank you, Lucinda, for all the good work you're doing.