Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Everything about the DVD to ART project has happened fast. 24 hours after I go on Facebook, I get news coverage. 48 hours after I make that first post, I get suspended from the Basilica. Now I get a day's notice to vacate my make-shift gallery.

I should have taken it as "a clue" when my sculpture got knocked over last week. I did call to see if staying was going to be OK. I didn't hear back until this morning when I got the word that I needed to vacate ASAP. They were lovely to let me have the space as long as I did.

The Wailing Wall Quilt is already off the wall and folded up. I've started tearing down The Wave.

I'm hoping to recreate The Wave into small sculptures. I've already promised some to benefit glbtq Online High School.

It's been a wide ride! At least with all these waves, I'm not seasick!

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