Monday, November 8, 2010

My Inspiration Interviewed on CNN

The CNN report DVD crosses the line for some Catholics starts off with the interview of a fellow parishioner named Jan. I know Jan from years of sitting in the pews with her on Sunday mornings and serving on the same eucharistic minister team.

I knew that last spring she wrote a heartfelt letter to the archbishop telling him about her lesbian daughter and asking him to open his heart to GLBT people. She told me about the letter she received in return that suggested she should refrain from taking communion and that her salvation could be in jeopardy, unless she changed to the archbishop's way of thinking.

I also knew, from having seen other friends letters, that the archbishop's condemnation came wrapped in a form letter--he didn't even care enough to address her personally, she got the same letter everyone did who wrote opposing his views.

So, when I heard about the DVD, I thought of Jan... and many other people hurt by the Church.

In the Catholic Church, we always hear "we are the Church"--meaning: the people, all of us.
There are so many wonderful Catholics who are open and embracing of all people. They don't happen to be running the show right now, but that doesn't make them any less "the Church". I wanted to give voice to those Catholics, by asking them to collaborate with me on the DVD to ART project. Thank you to the thousands of people who have come forward to help spread the word that Catholics are also inclusive and loving people.

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